Dwayne Johnson speaks at Kevin Hart's Hand and Footprints Ceremony in Hollywood, California on December 10, 2019.

Dwayne Johnson speaks at Kevin Hart’s Hand and Footprints Ceremony in Hollywood, California on December 10, 2019. Photo: Frederic J. Brown / AFP (Getty Images)

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s big moment as a superhero is getting closer … well, kind of. We’ll have to wait a little longer to finally see it, but he talks about it while promoting his upcoming film Jungle Cruise.

Johnson’s next movie, Black Adam, debuts in July 2022. The film was originally supposed to be released in December 2021, but was delayed due to COVID-19 restrictions. Speaking of COVID-19, Johnson and his family feared their own as they contracted the diseases caused by the coronavirus.

“It was very scary,” Johnson told The Hollywood Reporter for his latest cover story, starring 49-year-old actor and Jungle Cruise co-star Emily Blunt, who noted he was experiencing mild symptoms. “I couldn’t control it because the nanny then brought it home to her family. And then the housekeeper took it home to her family, who were a little older there. And you don’t want to be the fire starter who then causes all this chaos and fear. But luckily we all survived, thank God. “

Johnson also spoke about the decision to film the upcoming DC Comics flick in Georgia, which had its share of controversy due to the passage of the election suppression law SB202. Ryan Coogler, who directs Black Panther 2, spoke about his decision also do not boycott the state.

“Just as we started our production it was going down,” said Johnson. “You start to feel pressure from many different sides that you should stand up for something and leave if you don’t agree with the electoral laws. I was persistent and clear that Black Adam wasn’t going anywhere. We were committed to the state of Georgia and the people of Georgia. And this is a place where we have made several films over the years. And when you are committed to our hardworking locals and their families, the last thing you want to do is just pick up and move. So we didn’t go anywhere. We [the film’s producers] had the conversation. It was heated for about a week. “

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Film production recently closed and Johnson shared an adorable video announcing the winners of an ongoing raffle in which crew members won cash from a $ 10,000 pot.

“This is a conclusion to BLACK ADAM⚡️ Incredible Journey,” Johnson tweeted on Friday. “Physically and mentally the hardest undertaking of my entire career. Worth every second. Boundless gratitude to my more than 1,000 crew members, actors and director Jaume Collet-Serra. The power hierarchy in the DC Universe is changing. “

Oh, and by the way, Johnson spoke to Tyrese about this ongoing feud saga that seemed to have as many chapters as the Fast & Furious franchise Confirmation in June that his apparent feud with Johnson was crushed. Johnson specifically addressed Vin Diesel’s claim that the feud amounted to giving Johnson “hard love” to inspire his best performance.

“I laughed and I laughed a lot,” Johnson told THR. “I think everyone laughed about that. And I leave it at that. And that I wished them all the best. I wish you all the best on Fast 9. And I wish you the best of luck on Fast 10 and Fast 11 and the rest of the Fast & Furious films you are making without me. “