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If you have been arrested for a crime, your charge or conviction could have a negative impact on your future. If you are charged with a misdemeanor or felony, it is important to consult with an experienced Douglas criminal defense attorney who can develop the best strategies and defenses for you.

We represent you aggressively

At George McCranie Law Firm, our knowledgeable Douglas criminal defense attorneys aggressively defend against a variety of offenses ranging from minor misdemeanors to serious crimes such as:

Our criminal defense attorney in Douglas will also take care of your injunctive relief.

Driving under the influence of defensive measures

In Georgia, you could face drink driving (DUI) charges if:

  • A police officer determines that you were driving your vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or
  • Your blood alcohol content (BAC) is 0.08% or more.

The consequences of a drunk driving conviction are serious and can include any combination of the following:

  • fines
  • time in prison
  • Public service
  • driver’s license suspension
  • Installation of an ignition interlock system
  • Lifetime suspension of your CDL if you are convicted of drunk driving while operating a commercial vehicle

High BAC levels can extend your potential prison sentence. Drunk driving convictions can also affect your professional license, employment opportunities, and personal and professional relationships.

It is imperative that you understand your legal rights. If the police officer suspects you of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you may be asked to take an on-the-spot sobriety test or a chemical test, such as an alcohol test. B. a breathalyzer test or a blood test, so that the officer can determine the level of your impairment. Although your license can be suspended for a year if you refuse a chemical test, you are not required to perform other on-site sobriety tests.

drug crime

Penalties are severe if you are convicted of drug possession, manufacture or trafficking. In addition, you must face both federal and state drug offenses. While Georgia’s accountability (or drug) courts can offer you alternatives to incarceration, such as drug counseling, as a first-time offender, drug convictions are not as forgiving. They face years in prison, large fines, and other penalties.

Marijuana Offenses

Marijuana laws are varied and fluid. Under Georgia criminal law, possession of small amounts of marijuana is a misdemeanor; But most marijuana crimes are felonies. An exception is the use of medical marijuana in certain circumstances.

Federal and Military Crimes

We deal with federal, military and state crimes. Federal courts and court-martials have their own strict rules, procedures, and time limits. Our Douglas criminal lawyers are experienced in federal and military law as well as court rules and can advise you on your rights and the defenses you can choose from.

Probation violations

Probation violations have serious consequences, including imprisonment and other penalties. If your probation requirements are complex or non-compliant, our Douglas criminal defense attorney can appeal your suspension and work vigorously to get your probation reinstated.

theft and burglary

Different requirements and penalties apply to theft and burglary. Theft is when you take something that belongs to another person with the intention of depriving that person of their property. A burglary is when you break into and enter an occupied, unoccupied or empty building, vehicle, structure, railroad car, vessel or aircraft with the intention of committing a crime or theft therein. Some thefts are administrative offences, while burglaries are usually criminal offences. At George McCranie Law Firm, we can explain the nuances of property crime in Georgia.

Personal care

Every criminal case is unique and has its own set of facts and circumstances. We offer personalized attention and tailor defense strategies specifically to your situations and needs. Not only do we prepare each case for trial, we also negotiate intensively with prosecutors to reduce the charge or sentence, or to avoid jail time. Our team focuses on advising you on your options and rights, ensuring you understand your choices and helping you decide the best course of action.

Contact a Douglas criminal defense attorney

It’s important to speak to a criminal defense attorney right away to make sure you’re protecting your rights. Speak to our experienced Douglas criminal defense attorney at George McCranie Law Firm, one of Georgia’s premier criminal defense firms, for a free, confidential case evaluation.