DIY kinds for an unchallenged divorce in Georgia

Any dissolution of marriage brings long-awaited or unwelcome changes, as well as emotional, legal, and financial challenges. Ultimately, all divorcing couples strive to make the divorce process as easy and painless as possible. Fortunately, with the right preparation, simplifying the legal process is entirely possible.

We want to help you understand exactly how to do this and apply for divorce in Georgia with the minimum of cost and labor.

A consensual divorce is an inexpensive divorce

According to statistics, the average divorce cost in Georgia is more than $ 14,500, with legal fees accounting for more than two-thirds of the cost. In addition, this amount can be significantly higher if the spouses cannot reach an out-of-court settlement and the divorce is brought to court.

From this we can conclude that peaceful separation is the key to an affordable divorce.

A consensual divorce almost always means an uncontested divorce, in which the spouses agree on how to resolve any controversy such as property sharing, child custody, alimony, etc. without the involvement of a judge. Typically, the couple must draw up a settlement agreement that covers all issues in their case and submit it to the court along with the other documents.

An undisputed divorce usually only requires a final hearing. In certain circumstances, Georgia law allows a divorce to be finalized by filing for a verdict on the briefs without attending the final hearing. Everything depends on the district, the judge and the specific case. For example, judges sometimes require the spouses to attend a final hearing if they have minor children.

In any case, the unchallenged divorce process is quick and efficient, with hearings taking no more than half an hour, unlike contested divorces, which often result in lengthy legal proceedings.

So because they take less time to complete, uncontested divorces are generally much cheaper than contentious divorces, even if the spouses hire a lawyer who charges by the hour.

However, the main feature that makes a consensual divorce a very beneficial option is that it offers the option of getting divorced without a lawyer.

Save money by getting a divorce yourself

Divorce without legal assistance is legally referred to as “Pro-Se representation”. Representing yourself in court is legal and legal in Georgia and across the United States, although ending a marriage without contest works best.

The thing is, going through legal proceedings without a lawyer puts the petitioner more responsibility for the outcome. So if one spouse hires an attorney, the other should do similar things to protect their interests.

If, on the other hand, the spouses can reach an agreement, divorce on their own is an efficient way to reduce divorce costs. Because of this, many courts have reported a significant increase in divorce cases filed by Pro-Se plaintiffs in recent years.

The divorce process is the same for everyone, regardless of whether a person is seeking legal assistance or not.

If the spouses are filing for divorce alone, they must provide the same grounds for divorce as defined in the Georgia Code and meet state residence requirements.

When the plaintiff submits the required legal forms to the court and pays the court fees, they will be given the case number and the divorce proceedings will officially begin.

Georgia law prescribes a mandatory waiting period so that even a no-fault, uncontested divorce cannot be consummated earlier than 30 days after the divorce papers are served on the defendant.

So, when both spouses are ready to negotiate and arrange their divorce, the legal paperwork is usually their greatest challenge.

Self-advocating litigants should be familiar with Georgia Family Law and Civil Procedure Code, and how to correctly complete divorce forms to avoid court rejection.

Fortunately, there is no longer any need to go to the court office to get the required forms or waste time on paperwork. Now there are many divorce companies online ready to prepare for an uncontested divorce over the internet.

Web divorce offers a win-win solution

Internet divorce firms are not the same as law firms. They help their clients get the paperwork to start the process but do not provide legal assistance.

Typically, an online divorce involves an automated form creation process that helps customers select and fill out all the required forms. The best online divorce agencies guarantee that your divorce papers can be filed in as little as two days, at a much lower cost than the average legal fee.

How Online Divorce Works:

  1. A person visits the relevant website and checks whether their case can be processed online.
  2. Next, the user conducts an online interview and provides their case details. These responses allow the system to select legal forms and adapt them to Georgia law, specific county rules, and so on.
  3. Divorce online is growing in popularity as a quick and affordable way to prepare for an uncontested divorce without leaving your home. A user can receive a finished paper package via email within a few days.
  4. Upon receipt of the completed documents, the user can print them out, sign, notarize them and submit them to the court according to the written instructions of the online divorce service.

Therefore, the term “divorce online” does not necessarily mean that you can finalize a divorce online without even going to court.

Please Note: While divorce petitions can be filed online in some counties in Georgia, they can only be filed through the GSCCCA electronic filing portal, not through online divorce websites.

While the Georgia Courts website provides self-help forms and relevant information, this may not be enough. The papers required may vary by county and depending on the circumstances of a particular couple. Also, not everyone is willing to spend time filling out every form without errors.

As a result, most people are looking for an alternative option, a middle ground between the legally assisted process and a purely DIY divorce. And this is where online divorce comes in, which will help you simplify paperwork, save time and reduce stress.