Democracy Alerts – Theater Employees Union Challenges Deadline for Mail-in Ballots in Georgia

WASHINGTON, D.C – On Thursday, October 26, Local 927 of the International Alliance of Theater Stage Employees (IATSE), a chapter of the largest union representing workers in the entertainment industry, filed a lawsuit challenging Georgia's mail-in ballot application deadline for the presidential election .

In Georgia, Senate Bill 202 allows a voter to request an absentee ballot no later than 11 days before the election. IATSE Local 927 argues that this deadline violates Section 202(d) of the Voting Rights Act (VRA), which requires voters to be able to cast absentee ballots in presidential elections if they have submitted their request seven days before the election. Because Georgia's absentee ballot application deadline is earlier than the deadline required by the VRA, the plaintiffs are asking the court to block Georgia's deadline and order that Georgia comply with the deadline required by the VRA.

The theater employees argue that Georgia's absentee ballot application deadline is onerous because “their jobs require them to travel within and outside of Georgia, often on short notice.” The lawsuit explains that union members are required to travel during the election, but only briefly know before election day whether they have to submit their postal vote. “By shortening the time frame for requesting mail-in ballots, Georgia’s new application deadline deprives IATSE members of full lawful access to mail-in ballots and the rights conferred on them by the Voting Rights Act in the election of President and Vice President,” the complaint states.

Read the complaint here.

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