Day of Legislative Session 2022 in Georgia, Might 15

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Friday February 11, 2022

The General Assembly on Friday lasted half a day after a full week of plenary debates and committee proceedings. Although the House and Senate addressed a total of six measures on their floors, lawmakers made quick work of adjourning until noon to head home and enjoy an unseasonably warm February afternoon. Before leaving, however, the House signed its version of the amended FY22 budget at HB 910 and sent it to the Senate for further consideration. That review will begin early Monday, with Senate hearings scheduled to begin at 7am

At the adjournment, bystanders were blown aside by the mass exodus of lawmakers and lobbyists to the parking deck, although the accelerated air may actually have come from the House funnel where Rep. Don Hogan (R-St. Simons Island) dropped his LEAF Act yesterday. HB 1301, the Landscape Equipment and Agricultural Fairness Act, prohibits local governments from regulating or banning the sale or use of gas powered leaf blowers in their jurisdictions. The State Marsupial candidate could not be reached for comment on this latest head-scratching bill, but we hope you enjoy this example of the landscape lobby at work as you browse through today’s #GoldDomeReport.

In this report:

  • ground action

  • New legislation

  • What’s next

ground action

The House of Representatives took the following actions on Friday:

  • HB 910 – Additional Funds; State Fiscal Year July 1, 2021 – June 30, 2022. PASS (152-4)

  • HB 1011 – Motor Vehicles; yellow strobe lights; permit requirements; exempt low speed vehicles. PASS (152-0)

The Senate took the following measures on Friday:

  • SB 281 – Georgia Sheriffs’ Pension Fund; contribution increase; supply. PASS (50-0)

  • SB 343 – Retirement; Prohibiting the granting of pension adjustments to persons who became members on or after July 1, 2009; Extinguish. PASS (50-1)

  • SB 352 – Professions; Issuing expedited licenses by endorsing certain licenses to spouses of firefighters, healthcare providers and law enforcement officers relocating to the state of Georgia; supply. PASS (50-0)

  • SB 396 – Georgia State Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP); Rename this program the Georgia Grown Farm to Food Bank Program (F2FB). PASS (49-0)

New legislation

The following legislation of interest was brought into the House:

The following relevant bills have been introduced into the Senate:

What’s next

The General Assembly will be convened for the 16th Legislative Day on Monday, February 14th.

The House is expected to consider the following proposals on the 16th Legislative Day:

  • HB 963 – Controlled Substances; Appendix I and IV; change certain provisions

  • HB 1028 – Cobb County; Board of Education; Change the description of the districts

  • HB 1089 – Revenue and Taxes; certain violations of the registration requirements for motor vehicles operated by road transport companies; increase penalty

  • HB 1134 – Crimes and Misdemeanors; prosecution of crimes related to criminal gang activity; provide simultaneous power of attorney

  • HB 1154 – Cobb County; Board; Change the description of the districts

The Senate is expected to consider the following proposals on Legislative Day 16:

  • SB 84 – Peace Officers Retirement and Benefit Fund; certain communications officers are eligible for membership of such a fund; supply

  • SB 316 – stalking; anyone who has reached the age of 18 and commits the offense of stalking a minor is guilty of a serious and serious administrative offence; supply

  • SB 341 – Health services; Guidelines for prior approval of a prescribed drug for chronic conditions requiring ongoing drug therapy; supply

  • SB 364 – Telephone Service; class action lawsuits and claims for damages against certain individuals for breach of solicitation regulations; supply

  • HB 907 – Elections; dates for special elections; question on sales and use taxes for transportation; revise provisions

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