Damning court documents show Rudy Giuliani knew claims about Georgia poll workers were false

A court filing by the mother-daughter pair of Georgia poll workers who are suing former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani for defamation shows that Mr. Giuliani had no evidence that either woman engaged in any form of voter fraud in elections They leaked surveillance footage of them to former President Donald Trump’s advisors as they struggled to justify claims that the then-President’s election was stolen.

According to documents released as part of the defamation lawsuit brought against the disgraced former mayor by Ruby Freeman and Wandrea Moss – Georgia poll workers who were forced from their homes after Mr Trump and his allies accused them of voter fraud , Mr Giuliani has pointed out The now infamous video of the pair was sent to Trump’s adviser Boris Epshteyn after he delivered a call for “examples of ‘election fraud'” that he said were “super easy to explain”.

The text message shared by Mr Giuliani added that the claims “[did not] must be proven but easy to understand.”

Ms Freeman and Ms Moss included the message in question in a filing requesting that a judge impose severe sanctions on Mr Giuliani for his failure to release that and numerous other messages, despite orders to do so on multiple occasions by a judge who ruled the also asked the former mayor of New York City to preserve and make available his communications.

They have asked US District Judge Beryl Howell to penalize Mr. Giuliani for what they describe as a deliberate and knowing attempt to avoid complying with court orders to produce evidence as part of the investigation into her defamation lawsuit.

Specifically, they have asked the judge to enter a “default judgment” in the case and award them damages and attorneys’ fees. In doing so, they essentially stated that they had won the lawsuit without having to pursue any further proceedings, and cited Mr. Giuliani’s alleged misconduct. Alternatively, they have asked Judge Howell to order Mr. Giuliani to turn over his electronic devices to their legal department for direct search, rather than relying on Mr. Giuliani to comply with the court’s prior orders.

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Lawyers for Ms Freeman and Ms Moss have said in court documents that they obtained evidence of communications to and from Mr Giuliani that he did not produce from other witnesses in the case, including former Trump attorney Christina Bobb.

“He failed to take any steps to secure relevant electronic evidence,” the attorneys said, adding that their efforts to obtain disclosure from the former US attorney resulted in a litany of ever-changing excuses from him why he was unable to provide the evidence requested of him. They said the disgraced former mayor’s excuses ranged from alleged problems accessing his iCloud account to claims the Justice Department “wiped” the devices after seizing them from him as part of a separate criminal investigation.

Ted Goodman, an adviser and spokesman for Mr Giuliani, said in a statement that lawyers for Ms Freeman and Ms Moss made motions that were “intentionally overly incriminating and obtained information well beyond the scope of this case — including divorce certificates”. The aim is to “harass, intimidate and embarrass” the former mayor.

“It is part of a larger effort to denigrate and silence Mayor Giuliani for daring to ask questions and challenge the accepted narrative. You can’t take away the fact that Giuliani is objectively one of the most effective prosecutors in American history, defeating the mafia, cleaning up New York City and comforting the nation after 9/11,” he added.