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Larry Kohn, Cory Yager and Bubba Head, the Georgia criminal lawyers, will vigorously defend you in all Georgia courts, including county courts, city courts, state courts, supreme courts and appellate courts.

Our top-rated Georgia criminal law firm has represented thousands of clients facing felony and misdemeanor charges, including:

  • attack
  • battery
  • conspiracy
  • Domestic Violence
  • drug crime
  • DUI (alcohol and drugs)
  • family violence
  • gun crime
  • juvenile delinquency
  • prostitution
  • robbery
  • request
  • shoplifting
  • Speeding tickets
  • theft
  • ticket
  • gunloads

How Can a Georgia Criminal Lawyer Help Me?

In Georgia, you can be arrested if the police spot you committing a crime or if a judge issues an arrest warrant against you. After you are taken to jail, fingerprinted, photographed and released on bail, your “day in court” begins. Your first court date, the so-called arraignment, usually takes place 48 hours after your release. If you were arrested on a warrant, your first court date could be 72 hours later.

Please call Larry Kohn, Cory Yager or William Head today if your criminal charges are pending. The more time we have to review the facts of your case and develop a solid criminal defense strategy, the better your chances of a favorable outcome. Call us 24 hours a day at (404) 567-5515 even if you have already gone to your arraignment and pleaded not guilty. If you plead not guilty to all of the charges against you in Georgia, the judge should have set a date for your preliminary hearing or trial.

Every day, our Georgia criminal law firm helps concerned clients whose cases are at various stages of progress. The sooner our top Georgia attorneys can join your side, the more we can do to slow prosecutions and the better your chances of avoiding incarceration. Over 90% of our cases are resolved through negotiations between the prosecutor and your GA criminal attorney. These negotiations usually result in a reduced charge or reduced sentence in exchange for your pleading guilty.

A Georgia criminal defense law firm with over 140 years of experience

Larry, Cory and Bubba have a combined criminal defense experience of more than 140 years, from indictments and hearings to full criminal trials by a 12 jury. Although the vast majority of our clients’ cases are resolved before the trial, which is a good thing, we strongly encourage you to hire a lawyer who has won the case. You don’t want to be a GA attorney’s first case to court! You need tough cross-examiners and smart strategists who know how to lead your case to a favorable resolution. Remember, an arrest is NOT a conviction! Far from it. You are innocent until proven guilty.

Our GA criminal justice attorneys are available 24 hours a day Criminal Defense Lawyers in Georgia|

Our criminal law office answers your calls day, night, weekends and even holidays. Why? Because you need to speak to a lawyer right away. Give one of our associates in Atlanta, GA a call. Call Super Lawyers for your FREE consultation at: (404) 567-5515.

Once we speak to you, our highly trained Georgia attorneys and paralegals can clear up some of the confusion about when and where your indictment will take place.


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