Crime gangs in Georgia and Albania conduct folks smuggling operations by Eire to the UK

ORGANIZED criminal groups from Georgia and Albania are reportedly conducting a major people smuggling operation through Ireland to the UK.

Gardaí and the UK police have started to work together to tackle the illegal trade in forged documents and there is growing evidence that the republic is being used as a back door to Britain after Brexit.

According to The, criminal gangs from Georgia and Albania are providing fake Italian and Slovak ID documents as well as fake British passports to exploit the common travel zone between Ireland and Great Britain.

The illegal trade means anyone from Albania and Georgia who wants to go predominantly to the UK but cannot legally do so will pay the gangs up to £ 5,000 to travel to Ireland first with fake identification and then via the joint travel area, to Great Britain.

“The goal of all of these activities for these people is to get into the UK. This is their main goal, and the border guards in Ireland are realizing that it is mostly people from Albania and Georgia. The gang involved in the surrender The documents involved are giving them pointers on how to get through, “a source told The

“There is plenty of evidence that if caught they try to seek asylum and then disappear by jumping over the border into Northern Ireland.”

Chris Philip, UK Minister for Immigration Compliance and Justice, said the UK authorities are introducing new laws to address the problem.

“We are determined to investigate the calloused people who are making it easier to enter the UK illegally,” he said.

“We continue to work with law enforcement agencies to ensure that those who commit these illegal acts are brought to justice and will be brought to justice.”