Craft beer experts from Georgia discuss entering the industry and promoting DEI – WABE

According to a 2021 Brewers Association demographic survey, 23% of brewery owners are women and only 2% of all breweries in the US are wholly owned by women.

As the craft brewing industry continues to grow across the country, many women and people of color are looking for ways to establish their beer footprint.

On Friday’s special issue of Closer Look, Rose Scott spoke to several guests about women’s entry into the craft brewing industry.

First, Tracy Bardugon, chapter leader of the Atlanta Pink Boots Society, speaks with Scott about the history and mission of the Pink Boots Society and how the non-profit organization trains women to build successful careers in the craft brewing industry.

Jen Blair is one of four Advanced Cicerons in Georgia and the only woman in the state to hold that title. The BJCP National Beer Judge speaks to Scott about her career path and how she’s helping other women thrive in the craft brewing industry.

Finally, Jossette Footmon-Smith, co-owner of Our Culture Brewing, and Jen Price, founder of Crafted for Action, an organization focused on building an inclusive beer community, speak with Rose about the need for more DEI initiatives in the craft beer brewroom and many Challenges faced by people of color in the industry.

In spring 2021, a viral social media post sparked a major discussion about sexism, misogyny, abuse, racism and homophobia in the world of craft brewing. Several local Georgia businesses have been questioned. The Closer Look team has reached out to the breweries for comment. Below are their answers:

New Realm Brewing Company

“Thank you for reaching out. As has been the case since New Realm was founded, fostering a culture of transparency, integrity and equality remains an integral part of our mission. In support of this mission, we have taken a number of initiatives over the past few years, including ongoing training at all levels of the organization to ensure we maintain a safe and inclusive workplace and improving the ability to raise employee concerns anonymously in the workplace a third party and the establishment of a diversity council focused on ensuring New Realm remains an inclusive, welcoming and great place to work.”

The Tucker Brewing Company

“The Tucker Brewing Company team receives quarterly EOS management training as well as employment training. This training has helped us put processes in place to ensure a healthy and inclusive work environment for all team members and has been instrumental in facilitating communication across the organization. We continue to employ a diverse team and are proud of the commitment that all of our team members make every day to fulfill our vision of providing our customers with a welcoming environment and an exceptional beer tasting experience.”

pontoon brows

“The formalities aside, we continue to take steps to encourage and support an inclusive community at Pontoon Brewing! Concrete steps we have taken in recent years include partnering with WeVow to support the entire team via a third party anonymous reporting tool, consulting, HR support and annual training; Introduced Safe Bars Bystander Intervention Training as an annual training for all team members; Conduct an annual anonymous employee satisfaction survey to get direct team feedback and input on issues and changes. One of our main goals is to provide a safe and inclusive environment for our team, our guests and the entire craft beverage industry.”