COVID-19 vaccines have passed rigorous reviews and are very effective. If you

The scientists had a significant head start in developing the COVID-19 vaccines. COVID-19 is very similar to other viruses that already have vaccines.

The tests were thorough and successful. More than 70,000 people took part in clinical trials for the two vaccines to see if they were safe and effective. To date, the vaccines are nearly 95% effective in preventing COVID-19.

The vaccine does not contain the COVID-19 virus. The vaccine mimics the infection so our bodies make antibody defenses against COVID-19.

The includes first vaccination phase but is not limited to medical staff likely to be exposed to or treat people with COVID-19First responders, people at risk of serious illness and other essential workers.

Those who will be vaccinated in the first phase will be told where to get the vaccine. These locations are likely to be at or near work and care locations.

Side effects are mild, temporary, and normal signs that your body is protecting. There may be pain and swelling in the arm of the injection. The rest of your body may experience a fever, chills, tiredness, and headache.