The City Council voted Tuesday to approve a community garden in Statesboro.

Keep Statesboro-Bulloch Beautiful (KSBB) recently proposed a community garden in Statesboro adjacent to Renaissance Park. The property location is a 3.26 acre lot on Parker Street.

The location was chosen due to its proximity to areas in the community that have limited opportunities to create a garden on their property. In addition, according to city officials, Park Street also has room for potential parking spots nearby.

Proponents shared several known needs for the project to get off the ground:

  • Tree removal in kind (Stormwater/Streets & Parks Division) can be performed to remove trees and shrubs currently on the property.
  • Required fencing to protect the garden from possible vandalism by humans or animals.
  • Required accessibility for people with disabilities as well as those who do not have transport to and from the garden.
  • When renting land, accessibility is a concern for those who cannot afford to pay a rental fee for a garden plot.
  • Assisting a master gardener and volunteer for workshops as hands-on trainers and facilitators.
  • Maintenance and general operation by people involved in the garden.

The main goal in tending the garden is to generate funds to continually procure the garden, they said.

Initial start-up cost estimate is $24,000. Estimated annual maintenance costs are approximately $5,000. According to council documents, the General Fund will fund the project with its own account number in the park budget.

Council approved the Gardens 4-0.

The development of policies and procedures relating to garden property leases and responsibilities will follow.

More details on the proposal:

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