Convicted sex offender reportedly roaming Georgia Walmart and assaulting woman, including two minors

  • Gary Moultrie, 33, has been arrested in Georgia after he allegedly engaged in disruptive behavior at a Walmart store while snapping upskirt photos of female shoppers
  • Moultrie, a registered sex offender since May 2020, is also accused of taking pictures of young girls and touching the buttocks of two others
  • Employees recognized him and alerted the police, who set off a frantic chase through the store before finally apprehending him in the garden center area

A registered Georgia sex offender has been arrested after allegedly walking around a Walmart taking upskirt photos and touching the buttocks of two minors.

The victims were 11 and 16 years old and a relative said at least one was touched in the toy aisle.

Gary Moultrie, 33, was chased by police through a supermarket in Suwanee, northeast of Atlanta, after being recognized by staff.

The June 9 chase finally ended when Moultrie was arrested at the garden center branch, Law & Crime reports.

Police bodycam footage shows officers first encountering the store’s own security team as they teamed up to track down the pervert, who continued to secretly take photos on the women’s skirts.

Moultrie, who resides in Decatur, was on the Georgia sex offender registry as of May 2020. He was accused of sexual violence in the most recent alleged incident.

Gary Moultrie, 33, was chased by police through the supermarket in Suwanee, northeast of Atlanta, after being called by staff

Suwanee, Georgia police said surveillance video from the apparel department showed Moultrie approaching and touching two girls. According to WSB-TV, the footage showed him tucking his phone up a woman’s skirt.

He is accused of touching the buttocks of an 11-year-old and a 16-year-old girl.

The teenage victim’s mother told police the alleged assault took place on the toy shelf.

“We told my daughter we had to report this,” the mother told WSB-TV. “We can’t wait. We have to do it because we have to make sure this stops.”

In police bodycam footage, Moultrie was caught on tape leading cops in a chase through the store. After a chase lasting several minutes, he was finally arrested in the garden center area. The police threatened to use a taser on the alleged pervert if he did not cooperate with politicians

Moultrie was recognized a day earlier by staff at the store, where he was allegedly spotted again touching another young girl’s bum.

Back then, staff couldn’t find him before he left the store.

But when the registered sex offender returned, staff knew who he was and immediately called the police.

Just as officers approached him, Moultrie tried to distract them by pretending his daughter was out in the parking lot and needed help.

After a frantic chase around the Walmart in Georgia, Moultrie was eventually handcuffed. The suspect was taken into custody by police and charged with sexual harassment

“My daughter is right there and she needs some help now,” Moultrie can be heard yelling at police while pointing to parked cars.

His misdirection wasn’t enough to fool the police, who continued to pursue him at the garden center.

The officers shouted, “Stop!” before the pursuit ended. Moultrie was handcuffed and taken into custody.

He was accused of sexual harassment. Moultrie was last convicted of child molestation, statutory rape and enticing a child for indecent purposes in Dekalb County in 2016.