Congress passes electoral reforms for Georgia

ATLANTA – The American Confidence in Elections Act was passed by Congress to include measures for sound electoral reform.


Georgian Foreign Minister Brad Raffensperger welcomed the passage of HR 4563, the American Confidence in Elections Act (ACE Act), by the US House of Representatives Administrative Committee on Thursday evening.

The ACE bill passed in a partisan 8-4 vote, with Republicans supporting common sense electoral reforms and Democrats opposed, including the measures Secretary Raffensperger outlined in a letter to House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. had proposed earlier in the spring. ACE has adopted four of Raffensperger’s five proposals, including strengthening voter ID requirements, preventing non-citizens from voting, strengthening list keeping and banning ballot harvesting. Secretary Raffensperger hopes Congress will continue to consider other list maintenance proposals, particularly ending the federal 90-day freeze on performing list maintenance.

“The ACE law is essentially based on Georgian law and the way my office administers elections,” Raffensperger said. “Georgia’s elections should serve as a model of safety, accessibility and accuracy for the rest of the nation.”

After the 2022 midterm elections, the University of Georgia released the Georgia Post-Election Survey, which showed that 99% of Georgia voters reported no voting problems. 92.2% said SB202 either didn’t interfere with voting or made it easier. During the hearing, this poll was included in the Congressional Minutes.

“Congress is finally recognizing that voting in Georgia is easier and safer than ever,” Raffensperger said. “We introduced electoral reform two years ago and saw record-breaking turnout and extremely high levels of voter confidence in the results and satisfaction with the election process. The Georgia election is working.”