Comedian Majah Hype jailed in Georgia

Noted comedian Majah Hype has been jailed in Georgia, where he faces charges of minor assault and felony counts of “terrorist threats and acts.”

He has been held at the Cobb County Sheriff’s Office adult detention center for the past four days.

According to the Cobb County Sheriff’s Office, Hype, whose real name is Nigel Theron Joseph, was arrested and processed on February 19, 2023 and remains in custody without bail.

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Despite his recent arrest, his social media accounts remain active and are likely managed by an assistant. Law enforcement officials gave no further details about his arrest.

This isn’t the comedian’s first arrest in Georgia. Majah Hype was arrested in January 2021 after an incident involving his ex-girlfriend Latisha Kirby Farrell. At that time he was charged with kidnapping, terrorist threats and simple bodily harm. He was later released from prison on $15,000 bail. The comedian also spent time behind bars at the Cherokee County Adult Detention Center outside of Atlanta for the same incident.

It’s unclear if this latest arrest is related to this case, but it’s reported that his ex-girlfriend has applied for a restraining order against him.