Civil rights teams are submitting the second authorized problem to the Georgia Voter Suppression Act

In Georgia, constituencies have filed a second lawsuit to block a sweeping voter suppression law signed by Republican Governor Brian Kemp last week. The law gives state officials broad powers to take control of the election management of local and regional electoral bodies, adds new requirements for voter ID cards, and even makes it a crime to distribute food or water to voters in line at polling stations .

Meanwhile, the children of prominent civil rights activists have condemned Georgia’s business leaders for their silence over Republican-led voter suppression efforts. In a joint letter they write: “The failure of corporate leaders in our state to honor their racial equality commitments made last year disregards and disregards the tireless work of our fathers and endangers the soul of Georgia and the promise of democracy. “The letter was written by Bernice King, daughter of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., signed; Al Vivian, son of Reverend CT Vivian; and John-Miles Lewis, son of late Congressman John Lewis.