10:32pm ET, Aug 14, 2023

Hillary Clinton on Grand Jury Indictments: ‘I Have No Satisfaction’


By CNN’s Rashard Rose

Hillary Clinton responded to the news that the Georgia grand jury is hearing indictments in an interview on MSNBC Monday night.

“Well, it’s hard to believe, I don’t feel any satisfaction at all. I feel great, you know, just deeply saddened that we have a former president who was indicted on so many charges that got to the heart of the question of whether or not.” “It wasn’t our democracy that would survive,” Clinton said .

“We’ll see what the prosecutors themselves say, because clearly this investigation was very thorough, but I don’t know that anyone should be happy with it,” Clinton said. “This is a terrible moment for our country that a former President should be indicted for these terribly important crimes. The only satisfaction might be that the system works. That all efforts by Donald Trump, his allies and his enablers to attempt to silence the truth and attempt to subvert democracy have been brought to light and justice is sought.”

Speaking about holding Trump accountable, she said, “I hope that not only will we be held accountable for Donald Trump, and if these charges include others besides him for their conduct, but also for a political party.” who did this.” just thrown in with all the lies and division and lack of conscience about what was done to the country.”

While the grand jury hearing the Trump case has issued indictments, details of who may be indicted are not yet known.