“Democrats got us up, these crazy women, they choose them.”

EDITORS NOTE: As promised, this is the other side of the political coin … and as before, we apologize to Mr. Jeff Foxworthy.

Because the political climate in this nation is so partisan, decisions are no longer made based on what might benefit the majority of the people in the country, but instead on how one issue might affect one political party of the other. And given that reality, it’s easy to say when you could definitely be a Democrat in Georgia.

♦ If you voted for Joe Biden, Raphael Warnock, and Jon Ossoff in the last election because you believed you could get even more “free” money from the government, you are definitely a Georgia Democrat.

♦ If you made the statement, “Socialism isn’t that bad as long as we get stimulus checks,” then you are definitely a Georgia Democrat.

♦ If you oppose a proposal that would benefit a great majority of the country’s population only because it was put on the table by a Republican politician, you are definitely a Democrat in Georgia.

♦ If you believe that more social workers and less law enforcement will solve our law and order problems, you are definitely a Georgia Democrat.

♦ If you see nothing wrong with having healthy, fit men and women receiving food stamps and other benefits, you are definitely a Georgia Democrat.

♦ If you feel that any historical markings or monuments in this country that are erected in honor of white men and women should be demolished, regardless of the importance of the honoree, you are definitely a Georgia Democrat.

♦ If you believe that all weapons, including those used for hunting or domestic protection, should be claimed by the government, you are definitely a Georgia Democrat.

♦ If you praise the “political awareness” of athletes kneeling while playing the national anthem, you have never had a close relative battle and died in a war or protecting a community first responder, and you are definitely a Georgia Democrat .

♦ If you think that just because you have an advantage in the US Senate should vote to get rid of the filibuster – the one that bites your butt on the next majority of Republicans, probably in a year or so – You are definitely a delusional Georgia Democrat.

♦ If you think that the immigration problem on our country’s border with Mexico is “solved” just because our leaders do not recognize the problem, you are definitely a Democrat in Georgia.

I have received multiple convictions (and some approvals) since the column was published last week about being a Georgia Republican, and I expect the same for this column. But it was not about ridiculing people who pretend to be members of one party or the other.

It was about pointing out the extremes with which opposing party members paint everyone on the “other side”. And that is exactly what is wrong with our country. Instead of using common sense to decide what we think is right or best, we simply reject all legislative attempts proposed by the other side.

As our president would say, “Come on, man.”

If you are a Democrat and you “hated” Donald Trump during his tenure, that doesn’t detract from the very real truth that Trump’s administration did some things that were good for the country. And when you declare two weeks later – as a Republican – that Joe Biden is “the worst president ever,” think about how ridiculous that statement is.

People have referred to me as a “liberal” or a “democrat” because a lot of things I believe are more in line with that party or belief. But to say, “You are a Democrat – or a Liberal – so you want to kill babies and debilitate the police and give undeserved people more freebies or love that immigrants come to our country and take our jobs is not just ridiculous, it.” is contrary to common sense and it only adds to the big lie that has tarnished your perception.

Conversely, if you explain that everyone with an R in their name must hate People of Color, want to abolish all services for the poor, or store weapons for the coming civil war, you are just as wrong.

There are people in both parties who believe these things. But I only know one so-called leader whose overwhelming rigidity left no room for compromise or respect for people with other ideologies. And he’s not there anymore.

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