A second arrest was made in connection with the death of Imani Roberson, the Georgia mother of four, whose body was found by officers after being missing for more than two weeks, authorities said Tuesday.

Cedarius Glaze, Roberson’s brother-in-law, was arrested Tuesday and charged with helping hide the victim’s body, the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement.

Glaze, 28, was arrested just days after his brother, Roberson’s husband Donell Anderson, was jailed and charged with first degree murder, first degree murder, aggravated assault and possession of a firearm.

Cedarius Glaze. Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office

The murder suspect’s brother was arrested after authorities received a lead, the sheriff’s office said. According to the authorities, he was accused of forging evidence, concealing a body and setting fire to fire.

The sheriff’s office previously said it expected more arrests after charges against Anderson were released.

Roberson was last seen in Conyers on July 16 after leaving her mother’s home. Her vehicle was later found burned and dismantled in the Atlanta area about 24 miles away.

Photos her family provided to NBC News affiliate WXIA in Atlanta appeared to show charred parts of her vehicle in the area where it was found, while video from a neighbor’s doorbell camera appeared to show the vehicle slamming pulled out of Roberson’s driveway on the evening of her disappearance.

Earlier that day, Roberson and her four children had visited their mother for a family dinner. She and two of her children, ages three and one month, have gone home, her family and authorities said. The other two children, ages 11 and 9, stayed at the grandmother’s home, the sheriff’s office said.

The next day, Roberson’s mother, Clarine Andujar-White, called her daughter repeatedly and was concerned when she didn’t answer. She went to her house but found no one there. The mother filed a missing persons report on July 17.

“When I couldn’t reach Imani almost three weeks ago, I knew something was wrong,” Andujar-White said previously. She said her family was devastated after her “worst fears were confirmed.”