He holds a press conference on Wednesday afternoon.

ATLANTA – TO UPDATE: At a news conference Wednesday afternoon, Georgia House spokesman David Ralston announced that the 2020-2021 revised budget allocated $ 59.6 million to help government employees who earn less than $ 80,000 a year Grant a one-time bonus of $ 1,000.

He said it will cover around 57,000 state employees in most state agencies.

“We’re talking about frontline workers at the Georgia Department of Health who have battled COVID-19 day in and day out to test Georgians and distribute vaccines,” said spokesman Ralston. “We’re talking about our Georgia State Patrol and other state law enforcement agencies trying to keep the peace in the tough days we saw last year. We’re talking about … food inspectors who are on the We are talking about caseworkers (Department of Family and Children’s Services) who continue to care for and protect children who are victims of abuse or neglect. “

With the $ 1,000 bonuses, Governor Brian Kemp said, “I believe we are doing our part as heads of state to say thank you for all you have done.”

“Our government employees have worked incredibly hard despite a global pandemic. They have done everything they can to provide essential services to our most vulnerable, to keep our businesses open and to provide financial assistance to those who honestly have been providing financial assistance for many days to come lost hope “said the governor. “And like so many hard-working Georgians, they have balanced jobs and school and the new normal for their children and families, as we all have, and we just can’t thank them enough of those of us today.”

You can see the full announcement in the video player above this story.

Governor Brian Kemp is giving a briefing on the state budget this afternoon.

Kemp tipped his budget proposal during his state speech last month, and the Georgia General Assembly has since worked together to approve a budget for fiscal year 2021-22, which will begin in July.

He will attend the press conference by Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan, Georgia House Speaker David Ralston, and Georgia House Appropriations Committee Chairman Terry England attend.