Joe Biden recently published a story describing a Georgia legislative act as “voter suppression” to warn of a return to the Jim Crow era. He has lied. In fact, this Whopper was so pathetically obvious that even the left Washington Post had to call him out. If there was a Race Hustlers’ Hall of Shame, Biden’s bust would play a prominent role. Biden imagines himself to be the grandfather’s overseer for black Americans.

The Jim Crow laws were actually instruments of segregation that were in use throughout the South from roughly 1877 to the 1960s. These laws were mainly written, passed, and enforced by Democrats like Biden’s “good friend” Sen. Robert “Sheets” Byrd, who himself attempted to torpedo the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

Photo ID stands for “Voter suppression?” The only thing that suppresses a voter ID is election fraud. Each John Deere employee must present photo ID each day to gain entry. Is John Deere then preoccupied with the “oppression of workers”? Racial segregation is a filthy, if often effective, political tactic. Hopefully the voters are with Biden’s shameless fraud. People of all political beliefs should publicly and aggressively condemn Biden’s recent cynical leap into racial antagonism. He clumsily plays the racing card. What’s worse, he’s doing it with a lie.