Authorized Meals Frenzy by attorneys in Georgia raises donations for meals banks


Carr announces the 10th Annual Legal Food Frenzy, benefiting the Georgia Food Banks

ATLANTA, GA – Attorney General Chris Carr recently announced that registration is open for the 10th Annual Georgia Legal Food Frenzy, a statewide virtual donation competition among Georgia lawyers to end hunger across the state. The 2021 contest runs April 19-30 and is run in partnership with the Attorney General, Georgia Attorney General, Georgia Attorney’s Young Lawyers Division (YLD), and the Georgia Food Bank Association.

“During one of the most tumultuous years in our country’s history, many families in Georgia turned to our regional food banks to put groceries on the table,” said Attorney General Chris Carr. In fact, our Georgia Food Bank Association has been working hard since last March to sustainably increase demand by 50 percent. I was incredibly inspired by the Georgian legal community that together they generated 3.3 million meals for our food banks last year. This year we look forward to working with our colleagues to help even more Georgians in need. “

If you want to participate, you can register at and learn more

During the 9th Annual Legal Food Frenzy in 2020, amid pandemic restrictions, the fundraiser went completely virtual and the Georgian legal community banded together to break records and raise more than double the funds raised in previous years. During the COVID-19 pandemic, food banks worked around the clock to sustainably increase the need for food aid by 50%. While COVID-19 cases are expected to decline in 2021, the need for food bank services is expected to remain constant.

“The Georgia Food Bank network has been supported by the legal community for the past 10 years through our partnership with the Legal Food Frenzy,” said Danah Craft, executive director of the Georgia Food Bank Association. “The support last spring is a glimmer of hope for families who continue to struggle with keeping food on the table during this pandemic, and we look forward to building on that success in April. Unfortunately, the need for food aid is not diminishing, and food banks are set up to continue to feed more hungry children, seniors and families than ever before. “

Almost one in five children in Georgia was at risk of starvation before the pandemic, and over 60 percent of Georgian public school students were already entitled to free or discounted meals each day. Many of these children learn virtually and miss the meals they once received in school. As summer approaches, these children will continue to struggle as they may stay at home and have fewer options for day care programs that rely solely on their family’s pantries. This is where the food banks and the Georgian legal community help.

The 9th annual Legal Food Frenzy in 2020 brought a record 852.090 Dollar – the equivalent of 3,331,062 Meals for Georgia’s food banks. Last year’s attorney general’s cup winner was Joe S. Habachy, PC, Atlanta attorney with the most raises per employee, and the Bar President’s Award went to Atlanta-based Greenberg Sad, the firm with the most points overall.

“At a time when our state has an increasing need for food aid for children, seniors, and families, the State Bar of Georgia is honored to continue its support and engagement in the 10th year of the Georgia Legal Food Frenzy,” said she is Attorney General Dawn M. Jones. “The amazing leadership led by the Young Lawyers Division continues to fuel the desire of all lawyers in Georgia to do everything possible to fill the gaps for the most vulnerable. Nobody should have to wonder when or if the next meal is coming, and with the collaboration of the organizations involved, we are well positioned to meet and exceed demand in 2021. “

The competition is open to all lawyers in the state of Georgia with special categories for sole proprietorships, small, medium, and large businesses, as well as corporate / in-house consultants, judges, and legal organizations. For the purposes of the contest, each dollar raised equals four points with various bonus point opportunities. All funds raised will be donated to the regional food bank that serves the respective community of each participant.

The Legal Food Frenzy is run by a team of young lawyers overseeing the promotion of competition across the state. The 2021 effort will be led by Morgan Lyndall, Co-Chairs of YLD Legal Food Frenzy, and Veronica Rogusky, as well as regional representatives listed below