ATLANTA, November 4, 2021 / PRNewswire / – The Atlanta Gas Light Foundation supports its commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion Georgia Justice Project’s efforts to help rehabilitated Georgians affected by the criminal justice system gain access to opportunities they might otherwise be denied. the $ 50,000 A donation from the Atlanta Gas Light Foundation will help GJP expand its ability to serve the estimated 1.5 million people in. to reach Georgia who have the right to have their criminal record deleted.

Studies have shown that the recidivism rate drops by more than 60% when people with a previous conviction have a permanent job. However, having a file can be a significant barrier to employment as well as educational resources and housing. Advocacy of GJP led to a new “second chance” law that was introduced in. came into force Georgia this year. This law provides a trial for rehabilitated Georgians that restricts their convictions in public.

President and CEO of Atlanta Gas Light Pedro cherry announced the gift to GJP during the Georgia At the Chamber of Commerce’s Diversity and Inclusion Summit, “At Atlanta Gas Light, we are committed to improving access and opportunities across our state. So I am pleased to announce that we are a $ 50,000 Donate to Georgia Justice project. Not only Georgia The Justice Project’s work creates economic, educational and housing opportunities for those who work to change their lives, and also helps reduce unemployment and crime. “

“A mistake shouldn’t mean a life without opportunity,” said Georgia Executive Director of the Justice Project Doug Ammar. “This support from the Atlanta Gas Light Foundation will help Georgia Justice Project extends its commitment to Georgians affected by the criminal justice system. The foundation’s donation will help marginalized people get a second chance and advance our mission to reduce crime and relapse in our communities by empowering individuals to make positive changes in their lives. “

The gift is the third donation in an ongoing charity sponsored by Atlanta Gas Light’s parent company, Southern Company Gas. The company donates through the Southern Company Gas Charitable Foundation $ 700,000 to organizations throughout Southern Company Gas that promote equity and social justice through education, economic development, community support, and industrial partnerships.

Atlanta Gas light is dedicated to supporting those who change their lives by tackling complex challenges Georgia Communities with a revolutionary vision. Learn more about the Southern Company Gas family’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion in all areas Georgia and beyond, visit

About Atlanta Gas Light
Atlanta Gas Light is one of four natural gas distribution companies owned by Southern Company Gas, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Southern Company (NYSE: SO). Atlanta Gas Light provides natural gas delivery services to approximately 1.7 million customers in Georgia. The company has been operating since 1856 and is one of the oldest companies in the state. Visit for more information.

About Southern Company Gas
Southern Company Gas is a wholly owned subsidiary of Atlanta-based Southern Company (NYSE: SO), America’s leading energy company. Southern Company Gas serves approximately 4.3 million natural gas customers through its regulated distribution companies in four states with approximately 666,000 end customers through its natural gas companies. Other businesses include investing in interstate pipelines and owning and operating natural gas storage facilities. More information is available at

About the Georgia Justice project
For 35 years Georgia Justice Project (GJP) has helped Georgians affected by the criminal justice system. GJP is addressing social change in three ways: through legal and social services – including holistic criminal defense, early parole, criminal record clearing and other re-entry services; by working for a better one Georgiawhat to 21 changes to Georgia previously applicable law; and by educating communities across the country on criminal justice and re-entry issues. These approaches further GJP’s goals of reducing the number of Georgians under prison control and removing barriers to re-entry.

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