April 2022 Daylight Fund Transparency Report • The Georgia Advantage

The Sunlight Fund April 2022 Transparency Report covers the period from April 1, 2022 to April 30, 2022.

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Request to open records submitted:

Georgia Peace Officer Standards & Training Council
Bulloch County Commission Council
Effingham County Board (4/6/22)
Effingham County Commission Council (4/12/22)
Effingham County Sheriff’s Office (4/21/22)
District Attorney’s Office of the Ogeechee Judicial Circuit (04/21/22)
City of Gutyon (4/8/22)
Office of Planning and Budgeting of the Governor (04/13/22)
Statesboro Police Department (4/25/22)

candidate interviews

Bulloch County Commission: Preston Tutt
Bulloch County Commission: Toby Conner
Bulloch Board of Education: Mary E. Boyer
Bulloch Board of Education: April Newkirk
Screven County Commission: Stacy Mincy
Screven County Commission: Ben Thompson
Screven County Commission: Ben Counts
Evans County Board of Education: Greg Threate

Local government meetings covered

Statesboro City Council – 4/5/22
Bulloch Commission – 4/4/22
Guyton Council Workshop – 4/5/22
Screven County Commission – 4/12/22
Guyton City Council – 4/12/22
Bulloch Commission – 4/19/22
Bulloch Commission – Public Safety Budget Workshop – 4/27/22
Effingham County Commission – 4/5/22

local government

County Bulloch

  • RUNDOWN: Statesboro City Council – 04/05/22
  • Statesboro City Council approves 5 miles of road renewal
  • Boyum, McCollar, Penny clash over $800,000 developer incentive parameters
  • RUNDOWN: Meeting of the Bulloch Commission – 04/04/2022
  • RUNDOWN: Meeting of the Bulloch Commission – 04/19/22
  • County employees say a lackluster retirement plan is scaring off long-time employees and discouraging new ones

County Effingham

  • Inaccurate, Inefficient, Wrongly Timed: The Effingham County COVID-19 First Responder Grant
  • City of Guyton alleges defamation, demands written apology from reporter over public records
  • Guyton Council raises over $30,000 in legal services in 4 months

Southeast Georgia

  • Certainly, virtuoso speed cameras at Soperton bring in $142,000 in 6 months
  • Minutes for closed meetings of Screven County
  • Britt is due to appear in federal court on Wednesday
  • While Britt goes forward with a guilty plea, Judge sentences Associate
  • The Georgia Supreme Court accepts the voluntary surrender of the license by two former district attorneys
  • Bonkers Bond Brouhaha in Ogeechee’s court case
  • FULL REPORT: Asst. Prosecutor injured after ‘accidental shooting’ at Effingham courthouse
  • Execution planned for convicted murderer and rapist 45 years after crime
  • Grand Jury Indicts 4 in Bobby Kicklighter’s Murder, Alleges RICO Violations and Other Victims
  • Rogers SP inmate killed less than 24 hours after being released from solitary confinement
Elections & state politics
  • Georgia Gambling Licensing Measure Progress
  • Kemp signs legislation to improve mental health care in Georgia
  • Georgia legislators sign Flat Tax
  • Georgia lawmakers will approve a $30.2 billion budget when the 2022 session concludes
  • The Georgia legislature passes a college free speech bill
  • Georgia Legislature Passes Criminal Records Update Act, Allowing for Proactive Investigation of Voter Fraud
  • Kemp signs Georgia Constitutional Transfer Act
  • Raffensperger says he has referred more than 1,600 election cases in Georgia for possible prosecution
  • Kemp signs three bills in support of Georgia farmers
  • The Georgia Policy Group warns that the state’s labor force participation rate lags behind other states
  • Kemp Appoints New Chair of Georgia Access to Medical Cannabis Commission
  • Kemp establishes a commission to find solutions to Georgia’s shortage of medical staff
  • Sheriffs become embroiled in dispute between Kemp-Perdue and Georgia State Patrol
  • NRA endorses Governor Kemp for re-election
  • Georgian company Kemp signs a law reducing income tax
  • Kemp signs several education-related bills, including banning “divisive concepts.”
national politics

3 Congressmen urge DMV probe into Georgia voter registration