Workers are demanding that Amazon address low wages and dangerous working conditions

ATLANTA, Oct 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Amazon drivers picketed a nearby Amazon warehouse Atlanta today about the company’s unfair labor practices. The picket at the MGE9 warehouse is just the latest in a nearly four-month strike by drivers at the company’s DAX8 delivery station in Palmdale, California.

“I fight for my children. I fight for my colleagues’ children. We’re tired of being paid peanuts to make Amazon its billions. Our strike against unfair labor practices will continue until we get the fair wages and safe jobs that our families deserve,” said Brandi Diazan Amazon driver from Palmdale.

Amazon drivers and dispatchers began their strike against unfair labor practices June 24th. They picketed 20 Amazon warehouses across the country, including warehouses in California, New Jersey, Connecticut, Michigan, GeorgiaAnd Massachusetts.

“These workers are directly challenging Amazon’s exploitative business model and its violations of the law, which lower standards in our industry,” he said Victor MinerosSecretary-Treasurer of Teamsters Local 396 in The angel. “Amazon executives get rich by underpaying and overworking their employees, but Amazon workers are fighting back. With the support of their local communities and over a million Teamster members across the country, these workers will get the good jobs they deserve.” “

In April the 84 workers were in Palmdale organized with the Teamsters and became the first union of Amazon drivers in the country. As members of Local 396, they have negotiated a contract with Amazon’s Delivery Service Partner (DSP), Battle-Tested Strategies (BTS). Despite the absolute control that Amazon exercises over BTS and the workers’ conditions of employment, it refuses to recognize and honor the union contract. Instead, Amazon committed dozens of unfair labor practices that violated federal labor law, including firing its entire unit of reorganized workers.

The growing workers’ strike against unfair labor practices will continue until Amazon corrects all of its unfair labor practices, that is, reinstates the wrongfully terminated Palmdale employees, recognizes the Teamsters Union, respects the worker-negotiated contract, and negotiates with the Teamsters to address low wages and dangerous working conditions.

Amazon drivers are there Palmdale organized with the Teamsters to ensure their safety in extreme temperatures that regularly exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit Palmdale Summer. Your Teamsters contract guarantees workers the right to drive safe equipment and refuse unsafe deliveries. Making the contract’s protections a reality requires an overhaul of Amazon’s exploitative labor practices.

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