FULTON COUNTY, Georgia – A number of voters across metropolitan Atlanta cast their ballots early on the first weekend of early voting. Some changes came into effect after Governor Brian Kemp (R-GA) signed an electoral reform bill in the spring.

Voting times may be more restricted this time, depending on where a voter lives. Sundays are now optional for early voting, and that varies by county as well. The postal voting boxes are also limited to only one per 100,000 voters, which has more drastic effects for more populous circles.

In certain polling stations, voters can only use postal voting boxes during polling times.

Despite the changes, John Toles said he had a smooth run in the elections when he voted early in Fulton County.

“I did mail-ins last year because of the pandemic and everything else,” Toles said. “That was kind of confusing how to get the ballot and register each time to get the ballot.

Fulton County didn’t report any major problems in the election, and one worker told 11Alive the county had hired more than enough staff to ensure the problems were kept to a minimum. The county is facing backlash after officials admitted two election workers were fired for allegedly destroying a number of voter registrations. The incident is still being investigated.

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Still, voter confidence appears to be high as the Atlanta Mayor’s race leads many votes in Fulton County and important seats in the city council, school board, and court are on the ballot papers. Tax issues are also featured on ballot papers throughout Metro Atlanta.

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“It’s important to choose, and if you can go through the effort, give the effort,” said Toles. “If you find it difficult, frankly, it should be made easier for you.

The Fulton County website has been tracking early voting trends since 2019. The last day a postal vote can be requested is October 22nd. Early voting ends on October 29th.