Activists: Prices in opposition to Louisiana Troopers in Black Loss of life – Atlanta, Georgia

Put up a sign during a rally outside the Capitol in Baton Rouge, Louisiana before marching to the governor’s house to protest the death of Ronald Green, who died in 2019 when he was arrested by Louisiana police. People 2021. (AP Photo / Gerald Herbert)

Members of the Louisiana Police Department involved in the arrest of a black driver who died in police custody in 2019 should be released immediately and charged with crime, the National City Alliance and other civil rights groups said. The guide said on Thursday.

Marc Morial, National President of the Urban League and former New Orleans Mayor, joins officials from the American Civil Liberties Union, the NAACP, and other state and local groups in an online press conference to call for action. I did. Later that day, protesters gathered at the state capitol and marched into the governor’s mansion to seek justice for Ronald Green.

Her request came just a week after the Associated Press received and approved the body camera. Video This remains a threat following Green’s imprisonment and appears to contradict at least one soldier’s statement that his actions were the cause of the soldier’s use of force.

“After watching the video, no reasonable person could draw any other conclusion … the crime was committed by a Louisiana soldier,” Morial said. Use of police forces.

“There is no doubt that Ron Greene was killed by the Louisiana police,” added civil rights attorney Ron Haley.

Green’s death is already under investigation by state and federal agencies. It is also the subject of a lawsuit. Morial said the state police should fire and arrest the soldiers involved.

When asked for an answer by State Police, Captain Nick Manar said in an email that the soldiers involved were “already under internal control while awaiting the results of a federal review”. The state police continue to cooperate with the investigation and say: “I am confident in the judicial system and the fair review of the case.”

Green’s mother, Mona Hardin, appeared at a press conference with family lawyer Lee Merritt. Merritt met with state lawmakers, approached the governor’s office and the district attorney, and issued the judge with an arrest warrant for the soldier. Mr Merritt said to trust the process and wait for the results of the federal investigation.

“Nobody takes any particular action,” Merritt said. “We believe in equal protection under the law, and if white citizens, fellow police officers and the governor’s children ended up on the same end as Ronald Green, we would act so far. Would have caused

Union District Attorney John Berton asked for comment by phone or email but did not respond immediately.

Hardin thanked Morial and others for attending the press conference.

“We need help,” she said. “Someone has to be careful to move this mountain …”

More than 100 people, including activists and members of the Green family, gathered on the steps of the Baton Rouge State Capitol on Thursday afternoon to demand the trial of Green. The speakers repeated their requests to arrest Trooper, one of them. The division’s Democratic governor John Bell Edwards has accused him of exposing body camera videos to the public for two years.

“The governor made a deliberate decision not to order the arrest of the chief of state police,” said Gary Chambers, an activist who was turned down as a candidate for Congress last year.

After a speech in the heat that lasted more than an hour, protesters moved to the governor’s residence, where angry speakers took turns speaking to the crowd. At one point about 12 men showed up, armed with long guns and wearing New Black Panther Party patches on their shirts, and turned their backs on the gate in front of the driveway in the mansion and at the end of the street. I got up. ..

The police initially kept their distance and parked at an intersection about 91 meters away in both directions. When the demonstrators left the villa, they escorted state police cars. A group of protesters temporarily blocked the ramps on the nearby freeway before heading into town. The rhetoric was hot at times, but the protests remained peaceful.

The video obtained by AP and later released by state police Trooper After a car chase and accident in northeast Louisiana in May 2019, 49-year-old Green was brilliantly beaten and suffocated.

Green’s family were initially told that he had died in a car accident. State Police later issued a brief statement admitting that Green had died fighting with officials on the way to the hospital.

The video shows soldiers gathering in a green car outside Monroe, Louisiana after a high-speed chase for an unspecified traffic violation. Soldiers are seen repeatedly rocking, strangling figs, beating their heads, and pulling their ankle ligaments with a 49-year-old unarmed man with a stunner.

While in detention, he was placed face down on the floor for more than nine minutes – tactical violence experts criticized this as dangerous and potentially restricting his breathing. Has.

The autopsy identified imprisonment and “injured head injuries” as the causes of death for Green, as well as delirium and other cocaine-related injuries that may have resulted from a car accident.

Press conference attendees point out that treating Green requires the passage of a national police reform law known as the George Floyd Police Act, which kills and disciplines Breona Taylor for serious misconduct. Proposals have been made such as the creation of a national register of officials who have received it. It was passed by the House of Representatives, but is stuck in the tightly divided Senate.

They also called for a police reform to be passed at the state level. This includes ending “qualified immunity” (protection from litigation against action taken by police officers and others while on the job) and reviewing “law enforcement officers” in Louisiana. The “right bill” is fraudulent. Provides legal protection to officials accused of acting.

Activists: Charges against Louisiana soldiers in the death of the black Source Link: Activists: Charges against Louisiana soldiers in the death of the black