AUGUSTA, Georgia (WJBF) – On July 1, Georgia Senate Bill 202 goes into effect, introducing changes to early voting, identification requirements, and tightening deadlines for nominations. The US Department of Justice is currently suing Georgia over the bill.

“It didn’t hook up at all, so people are asking for this. For the court to look at and possibly put on hold. Develop evidence and things like that, but by that time they will go into effect tomorrow, ”said Senator Harold Jones II.

On Thursday, the law on arresting citizens of Georgia will no longer apply, but there are exceptions for companies. The 1863 Act is repealed under House Bill 479.

Jones explained, “Sometimes people ask me, ‘Well, if someone tries to break into my house or injure me or a family member, there is nothing I can do,’ and that is absolutely not right. This is normal self-defense, we haven’t touched all of that. This only applies to the situation of a citizen arrest, in which you are not injured at all and you are only trying to arrest someone. “

Repeal was a top priority for many Georgia lawmakers after the shooting of Ahmaud Arbery in Braunschweig.

“You can’t go after someone like you did in the Ahmaud Arbery situation and say I think you did something unless you fit one of those two exemptions,” Jones said.

Porch piracy becomes a crime in Peach State in early July.

“When you make something a crime, you can often stop you from doing it. That’s hope anyway, and of course if you don’t discourage it, you have the option of real, actual punishment, ”said Jones.

16- and 17-year-old Georgians also have to take safety courses before they can be given a driver’s license. Speaking of the streets, you can also grab a take-away cocktail right away.

“We almost need an extra person because we sell so much. At least that’s why the restaurant doesn’t have that big a deficit, ”said Shelbi Herman.

Jones added, “You need a sealed container. It has to be made with a food order, just by the roadside, so you can’t go into the eatery and order and bring out five or six drinks. That is not the point here. It’s about people who actually only have dinner with a few drinks. “

Additional laws, which go into effect July 1, will prevent local Georgia governments from cutting law enforcement funding, and allow all NCAA athletes to begin benefiting from their image and likeness.