At 11 a.m. on January 11, 16-year-old Christie Howard left her home in Atlanta, Georgia. Later in the day, she texted her mother to say she was with the family, but did not confirm which family member. Now police are on the hunt for the missing teenager, reports WJCL 22.

Howard was last seen on January 8, according to the Clayton County Police Department.

“Christie Howard is described as a sixteen-year-old black woman, with brown eyes, long black straight hair, 5ft 03″ tall and weighing 100 pounds,” the Facebook missing persons report said. “Christie was last seen wearing a blue Nike hoodie with white letters across the front, light blue denim pants and a black backpack that said ‘Lady Raiders Volleyball’.”

In 2020, approximately 100,000 black women and girls were listed as miss. In 2021, the ongoing search for Gabby Petito provoked the anger of many black parents whose cases were often overlooked by children.

“You wish you lived in a world where everything was the same, but it really isn’t,” said David Robinson CNN. Robinson’s son Daniel was last seen at his place of work in 2021 and has not been found.

HBO recently aired a docuseries that follows the Black and Missing Foundation’s attempts to locate missing black people and focus on their disappearance. The program also examines how the mainstream media ignores these cases, reports the Huffington Post.

The late journalist Gwen Ifill coined the term “Missing White Woman Syndrome” while attending a panel at the Media Coverage of National Security conference.

“If a white woman goes missing, you’re going to cover that any day,” Ifill said.

Last year, Minnesota became the first state to establish a task force on missing and murdered black women and girls, and as of September, it’s a $150,000-funded law to run. Perhaps other states will soon implement such measures.

Anyone with information about Christie Howard should contact the Clayton County Police Department.