13-year-old boy from Georgia charged with deadly capturing of mom

Marine Veteran Dominique Bowers, 37, was found dead by police in her Warner Robins home

A 13-year-old boy from Georgia was charged with murder and aggravated assault in the fatal shooting of his mother.

Dominique Bowers, a 37-year-old Navy veteran, was found dead by police at her home at Warner Robins on Friday. Police say her son was in custody and charged with murder after he allegedly shot her and then called 911, PEOPLE reports.

Dominique Bowers (Image credit: Facebook)

Warner Robins’ police confirmed in a statement posted on Facebook that the child was the killer.

“Dominique Bowers, 37, of Warner Robins’ is identified as the victim of a murder that occurred yesterday on the Adirondac Way. Ms. Bowers is the mother of the 13-year-old boy who was taken into custody, ”the statement said. “The youth is charged with murder and aggravated assault. A first appearance with the youth was made this morning in Houston County Superior Court. The youth is being held in Crisp County Juvenile Prison. “

The authorities have not disclosed the motive or the circumstances that led to the shooting. The alleged teenager of the murder is being held in Crisp County Juvenile Detention Center.

Several Facebook users responded to the post, with one commenting, “What a heartbreaking tragedy. God please bring comfort and peace to everyone involved. Rest in love, Dominique. “

Another said of the tragedy: “Thankful for our officials who protect our community. This is a sad event and it could happen in any city in the United States. Warner Robins has more crime because our population has grown. Our council is busy, but it’s not responsible for every crime that happens. I am a native and can tell you that we have some wonderful officials who deserve our support. “

A third added: “It is extremely sad that young people fail to pay attention to the sanctity of life. We pray for everyone involved and the family. “

13-year-old boy from Georgia charged with deadly capturing of mom

(Photo credit: Facebook)

Commenting on the murder, one frustrated user said, “Wouldn’t it be nice if people learned to wait until all the facts of a case are known before passing judgments and convicting a person before they could defend themselves? This is a terrible case. Law enforcement and other first responders involved have to deal with what happened, but if you haven’t been there you have no idea how events turned out. What if that kid accidentally killed that person. He has to live with that forever. Just let the facts come to light first. Please.”

The story goes on

According to her Facebook page, Bowers studied psychology at Roanoke College. She is a former Builder Petty Officer 2nd Class in the US Navy and worked for the Virginia Department of Transportation.

Apparently she was in a relationship with Niko Zaharopoulosas there were several photos posted on the account showing them cozying up and hanging out with their family. One person commented under a picture of the couple: “You look so happy, Dominique

I’m happy. Always luv ya girl! God bless.”

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The 13-year-old boy from Georgia, who was charged with the fatal shooting of his mother, first appeared on TheGrio.